About Metribook
Omnichannel solutions for restaurant and retailer

Our Philosophy

We are convinced that online commerce will become an unavoidable thing in the coming years. Already today, businesses that are not in this movement are closing.

Omnichannel solutions allow any store or restaurant to continue to offer quality customer service. Research shows the businesses that use omnichannel has known a steady rise in sales going beyond 15% and will never close.

Why choose Metribook, rather than another company? The reason is simple, we are the best and we offer a fully integrated service that allows you to use our products without having to configure several different incompatible software.

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In store touch points

Include tablet Apps, self-service kiosk, Point of Sales and Store companions.

Full integrated mobile POS

Light and easy to move. Include on the fly sales everywhere in your store.

Build omnichannel experience

Increase sales over every platform, web, mobile, in store, get customers feedback