Tablet App for restaurant
Kiosk App for customers. Tableside ordering system

E-Menu Restaurant

Restaurant order at table

Allow your customers to order meals from their seats. Get feedback, register them without efford, send promo, invitation, birthday reminders, reservation

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Live product inventory

Manage all your products online. Change price, picture, customer feedback anywhere.

Metribook Admin portal is your central place to manage all your applications. Including your website, mobile apps. You can access it from any web browser worldwide

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Optional Pay at table

This tablet App, can allow your customer to pay with credit card or debit card.

You will need to set up Moneris Pin Pad to accept debit card or a Paypal/Stripe/Braintree gateway account to accept online credit card

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In store touch points

Include tablet Apps, self-service kiosk, Point of Sales and Store companions.

Full integrated mobile POS

Light and easy to move. Include on the fly sales everywhere in your store.

Build omnichannel experience

Increase sales over every platform, web, mobile, in store, get customers feedback