Enterprise Kiosk Apps

Engage customers on any screen. Increase sales and upsells with our pack of 6 Apps for restaurants and retailers. Start using the BOPIS/BOPUS, Buy Online Pick Up in Store program.

In store touch points

Include tablet Apps, self-service kiosk, Point of Sales and Store companions.

Full integrated mobile POS

Light and easy to move. Include on the fly sales everywhere in your store.

Build omnichannel experience

Increase sales over every platform, web, mobile, in store, get customers feedback

Do you want to sell online, mobile and in your physical store ?

Regardless you are restaurant, retailer, hotel, spa, car dealer. Money back guaranty

Ready to create your omnichannel store?

Easy to set up, Brick & mortar Apps and online store!

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No long term contracts. Change your plan at any time.

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Everything you need to launch your omnichannel store
A seamless approach to the consumer experience

Mobile POS (mPOS)

Light and easy to move. Include on the fly sales everywhere in your store.

Customer Registration

Unique App, it allows your customers to create an account in your store and easily integrate them into your customer list

Showcase and demo App

Put a beautifull stand on front of your store, inside, backstage, fitting room, then expose your products with high resolution images

Store Companion App

Take your customer in hand, help them to see your new products, promo etc. This is your customer companion inside your store

Self Service Customer

Allow customers to order products themselves in your store whether or not product is available. To pick-up next time

Restaurant e-menu App

Allow your customers to order meals from their seats. Get feedback, register them without efford, send promo, invitation, birthday reminders, reservation